Mini Alarm Motion Detector and Remote Control with 10,000 possible codes

- - Motion Detectors
  • Potent 130db alarm sound. Model MA30RcR
  • 10,000 attainable codes obtainable for remote with Rolling Code Technology
  • Exit delay-30 seconds,Entry delay-four seconds
  • Auto reset alarm to keep away from false trigger
  • Dual powered: Battery – 4 x AA (not integrated) or four.5v AC adapter (not incorporated)

Installed in seconds, this alarm offers great protection from intrusion. After armed the PIR sensor detects movement in the protected region and triggers the alarm.The motion detection of the alarm unit is 6m (20ft)
with approximate angles of 30º vertical and 60º
REMOTE Handle – 10,000 feasible codes available by means of Rolling Code Technologies.
The infra red remote control can arm and disarm the alarm at the press of a button, delivering an eye-catching option to keypad control.

List Price tag: $ 39.89