Fake Security Camera With Motion Detector

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  • Built-in motion detection sensor. Indoor / outside use.
  • 32 Feet Detection Distance
  • Activation light
  • Battery operated with on/off switch – Easy installation. No wiring required.
  • Angle can be changed effortlessly, up to 12 stages. Realistic appearance.

Reallistic Looking Security CAMERA Motion Detection Program. The Motorized Motion Detector Swivels and the Activation Lights Comes on. The motion detector sensor makes it seem to work as an actual safety camera. This Reallistic Security Camera can be utilized indoor and ourdoors for your own comfort. Neighbors and visitors will think that you have a full video surveillance technique. Buyers and Co-Workers will feel that you have a comprehensive video program as nicely. Aid prevent or deter suspicio

List Price: $ three.99


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