Two Nyrius NRFM100 Universal Channel RF Signal Modulator Audio/Video Converter with UHF/CATV Mode for satellite/cable TV set-top-box, DVD, surveillance camera

  • Broadcast any audio/video device on multiple TVs
  • Set to any available UHF channels 14-69 or CATV channels 64-94 & 100-125
  • Ability to use higher channels to avoid interfering with your favorite channels
  • Converts RCA composite audio/video input connection into a coaxial output
  • This bundle includes 2 Nyrius NRFM100 RF signal modulators

The Nyrius NRFM100 RF modulator allows you to watch your audio/video device on multiple TVs throughout your home by setting it to a dedicated channel. Simply change to the desired channel on any of your TVs and instantly watch your set-top-box, favorite DVD or check your front door surveillance camera when the doorbell rings.

View Your Device on Multiple TVs, on Multiple Channels
The Nyrius RF modulator gives you the opportunity to view your audio/video devices on multiple TVs. This

List Price: $ 99.99