VideoSecu Covert Security Camera DVR Recording System with Build-in Pinhole Lens Surveillance PIR Camera Motion Detector 1N1 Reviews

  • 420 TVL CCD PIR IR Camera f3.7mm Wide Angle
  • IR monitoring and recording Camera and DVR all-in-one solution
  • Built in rechargable battery
  • Human body heat detection motion activating Recording
  • Cost effective single camera DVR solution; free surveillance warning sticker

This device offers IR Covert Camera and DVR all-in-one solution. Multiple components or tricky wiring are no longer required. With this new generation Sentry Eye video camera and digital video recorder which is equiped with human body heat detection technology, you can install greater peace of mind for a fraction of the cost. The Sentry Eye Mini camera DVR added security and ultimate control for whatever you want to monitor, the office, your home, the baby’s nursery, the warehouse… The Sentry

List Price: $ 139.99