Mini Wireless Color Camera with Microphone

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  • Miniature Wireless Camera with Microphone Common Functions:
  • 380-lines resolution 150-foot variety (no obstacles) 2.450 GHz output frequency Constructed-in microphone
  • Complete motion real time color video with no delay Camera runs on 9-volt battery or AC adapter (battery
  • Composite video connections on receiverTuning knob on receiver to fine tune the picture
  • Receiver can lay flat or mount on a wall Camera Dimensions: .75 x .75 x .50-inches (H x W x D ap

Tiny and wireless this inconspicuous camera gives powerful surveillance protection. It has an operative range of 150 feet delivering complete motion actual-time color video with no delay. It is very easily concealed and the constructed-in microphone gives great sound high quality that’s best for presentations or interviews.

List Cost: $ 24.98


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