- - Voice Dialers
  • Power supply : 12VDC 70mA.
  • Current consumption at standby : 17mA. @ 9VDC, 60mA (operating) @ 9VDC.
  • Existing consumption at functioning : 45mA. (connect the sound recorder circuit) and 30mA. (disconnect the sound recorder circuit).
  • Use with the phone tone method only.
  • It can be set the alarm time maximum three minutes.

MXA085 is an automatical emergency call circuit which functioning with the sensors, such as Magnetic switches. This circuit will make a telephone get in touch with to the numbers that have been set automatically when the sensor is functioning. This circuit is appropriate to be installed in high safety place for instance, shelter, factory and so on. – It can be set the number of redial maximum 9 instances. – Use with the digit phone number from 1 to 12 digits, and capable to set up 5 maximum numbers. – There is a connector poin

List Cost: $ 31.00


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