Streetwise Motion Activated Alarm with Auto Dialer for Standard Phone Lines Reviews

- - Voice Dialers
  • Will automatically dial up to 3 telephone numbers
  • Plays your pre-recorded message (up to sex seconds lengthy)
  • Has a detection area of 20ft extended by 90 degrees
  • Sounds a 125 decibel alarm to scare away the would-be intruder
  • Comes with two alarm program warning decals, line splitter, and six feet of telephone cable

The MA80 safety device can save you hundreds of dollars a year in monitoring fees. It can guard your property or workplace seven days a week, 24 hours a day. If an intruder is detected within its large detection area (20 ft lengthy by 90 degress) it will sound a powerful 125 decibel to scare away the would-be intruder and alert those inside to the attempted entry (the alarm feature can be disabled if you prefer a silent alarm). Up to three telephone numbers are automatically dialed and your pre-recorded mes

List Price: $ 23.61