Vocally Voice Activated Phone Dialer Reviews

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  • Helpful hands cost-free phone dialing
  • Shops up to 60 names and phone numbers
  • Voice guided set up
  • Does not interfere with standard line or phone use
  • Excellent tool for the Blind and these with Low Vision

JUST SAY THE NAME VOCALLY. There is no need to keep in mind and dial the exact same numbers again and once more. Just pick up the phone, say the name of the individual you want to call, and let Vocally do the rest. Vocally effortlessly connects to any telephone and enables voice dialing. As soon as the machine learns your voice, your phone will be able to bear in mind and dial the numbers for up to 60 names. Every single stored quantity can be up to 19 digits long. It really is extremely simple to use. You are constantly guided by a clear voice that assists you

List Price: $ 229.95


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