75 Feet Video Surveillance Coaxial Cable w/RG-59 & 2 Copper wires for Power (red/black design) with crimp tool

- - Surveillance Video Equipment
  • RG-59 coaxial video wire, strong core
  • two 18 gauge copper wires for energy supply
  • 75 FT length comes in roll with box
  • Ideal For video surveillance or something which needs external power
  • Free of charge Handy Crimp Tool

Our RG59 cable with power cable, is perfect for satellite installations and video surveillance installation or something which needs an external power supply.This cable has a copper clad steel center conductor and is solid core surrounded by a foam polyethylene dielectric. A bonded aluminum foil and 80% Copper braid supply 100% shield coverage.

List Value: $ 24.99